Welcome to Paradise Acres
A wonderful retirement paradise for your horse.
Let your horse retire in the most tranquil setting imaginable. No cars, no horns, no people coming and going all day long. Just peace and quiet, with an occasional flock of wild turkeys roaming through the pasture.

Each pasture is 5 - 9 acres each and has beautiful olive trees disbursed throughout the property to allow your horse to lounge in the shade.  All pastures have stalls with thick rubber matting on the floors.

Daily fly spray, Fecal Egg Count Tests done twice a year and rotational wormer is adjusted according to your horse's worm count, hoof trims, blanketing, blanket washing, grooming and hoof cleaning, fly mask and fly sheets removed and supplements fed for no additional charge. Health checks are done each morning and evening.

Paradise Acres is located in the quaint town of Orland, which is situated in Northern California. We are 30 minutes south of Red Bluff, and 25 minutes west of California State University, Chico.

We cater to retirement horses only - no riding or lesson programs, no shows or clinics, no active boarders.  This also means no exposure to all of the different viruses and illnesses that are constantly coming and going at a standard boarding facility.  Our ranch is located 5 minutes out of town and is surrounded by Olive, Walnut and Almond Orchards.  It is a completely different atmosphere out here in our little paradise.  And because this is a retirement facility for your horse, not a boarding facility, we do not allow horses to be ridden on the ranch property.

Please call for an appointment and let us show you around our gorgeous facility.  We'll introduce you to our happy and healthy retiree's and let you see how happy a horse can really be!

Scott & Lori Finch
Proprietors & Managers
(530) 852-7834

Due to the abundance of geldings (and a few proud cut geldings) at our facility, we have made the very difficult decision that we will no longer be accepting new mares.  We are keeping the few girls that we have here now, but we will not be replacing them if/when they leave.  We apologize for this decision, but it is our only option to keep our horses safe and our fences in one piece.